Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Belittling Others

This is a little something I found on an internet forum full of young'uns eager to enlist. The guy that wrote this, I want to give him my spot. This guy needs to be the new Suspect. Maybe I'm a dick, but his unique writing style entertains me to no end, and the content, the substance, c'est magnifique!

"What the hell, there is a lot of soldiers with adhd in the army,I have been commenting for weeks here.Look not everyone is the same, it depends on your symptoms,I am planning on joining on may and I have add.Not everyone is the same is gonna be tough on bootcamps yes,but who says is immposible if a lot of soldiers have done it why can I what makes me diferent from them.

To tell you the truth I am 26 and what it really has help me is being mature,detemination,you think bootcamp was made to be impossible to pass no it was made to be really hard to be a soldiers.

I bought the book ultimate basic training guidebook,and I. Am preparing before I go over there and I am doing runing exercises.

There is a lot of things you can do to help yourself too pass bootcamp,preparing early,determination.

But is truth add is a condition if it is not treated since the begining, it can be a very serious condition I have been treated and the symptoms that I have are very little,boot camp is gonna be my test to see if I pass and I will let people here know that it can be done.

What is hard is not impossible and impossible is just a word."

Really, I just want to take this one line and put it on a t-shirt and wear it every day, covered in ketchup/mustard/hotpocket stains, seldom if ever washed, letters peeling.

I bought the book ultimate basic training guidebook,and I. Am preparing before I go over there and I am doing runing exercises.

Oh man, I want to sign all my gear over to you RIGHT NOW.

Seriously though, maybe we can work something out. Wher did we suposed to fucked up?!


membrain said...

Holy Fuck. That made me laugh until I couldn't see the screen anymore.

Anonymous said...

Maybe you'll get just in time.

Anonymous said...

That poor dude, didn't you see he has add? add is very serious business, Ryan!

Eh, you're right. He probably just likes what the meds do anyway ;)

Jenni said...

oh. my. god.

at first i thought you were serious, and as i read the poor kid's writing, thought, "what is ryan thinking???" until i realized you were making fun of the poor kid.

no child left behind, huh?

bigD said...

Hi Suspect,
Question #1 -
What happened to your other post? Did you delete it? And why for did you do that?

Question #2 -
Was that for real...or did you make that up? :P

This is the reason they want to keep the experienced soldiers in the Army!!

Anonymous said...

Seems like everyone repeats the experienced guys mistakes and ignores their warning in the army

kirkthejerk said...

I didn't know ROTC guys were such good bloggers

themorethingschange... said...

Yup. you're a dick.


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