Friday, December 5, 2008

Suspect Loses The Game

I was standing outside, thinking my usual thoughts about how little what we were doing makes sense, perfectly satisfied with my moderate rebel mentality, when one tiny firing of a neuron or synapse or whathaveyou completely screwed it all up for me.

Oh man this is ridiculous. Why would they even BOTHER having us do any of this? Makes no sense at all, none of the new guys are even here right now to learn from it, and all of us are getting out in a few months, it's so undeniably moronic. Seriously, why? If there's nothing for us to do, they should just let us chill. How awesome would that be? My job would basically be to just hang out and wait to get out of the Army. I would get PAID for that.

I get paid for this.

I have to do this because they pay me.


You know how there are some things that you can't unsee? Doors that you can't close again once you open them, revelations that you can't forget? Well this was mine. God DAMN it.