Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Staring At The Clock

Drooling down the chin, eyes glazed, catatonic facial expression. Fierce debates on the tube that for some reason I just can't bring myself to take an interest in. Ridiculous!

Food poisoned or some other strange cosmic ailment that left me out of the picture for two days, sleeping, sweating, shivering, aching, and groaning, with the constant bizarre fever dreams, the ones that aren't quite real but are more than just a dream. I wait for appointments and briefings and any and all reason to skip out, make my absence regular, ween the Army off of me.

Not today, rifle range again. They want as many of us as possible to score Expert. I get it, makes sense. Makes the company and the battalion and so on look good. That's the idea, raise a kickass unit, I fully understand. I'm under the impression that we're to stay there until we qualify expert or until the range is shut down.

Out of nowhere, I get this weird thought of adding extra rounds to my magazines, all covert-like. But no, that would be cheating, and I don't want to put my balls on the table. Never been much of a gambler. Bet low, sit at the table all day cuz All In is a motherfucker when you lose.

Jet flew overhead and I vaguely thought of the rockets pounding the FOB. But no, these were jets. The normal behavior of a jet does not include blowing us up. Then I think about how I'm getting behind on my online classes, all two of them. And I make up the excuse that I'd be doing way better if I was a full-time student. Or if I wasn't going to bed at 7 PM to make the weeks go by faster.

I started this rag with the intent of giving a grunt's-eye-view of an entire enlistment in the Army. Maybe I'll try to get back to the details again.


BigD said...

Hi Suspect,
Once again you make me laugh. Thank you, blessed relief from my own drama. Too much good stuff here so I wrote a song about it. Wanna here it? Here it go...
1. The debates have been horrible. To quote the guy on Dragnet..."just the facts mam!" wonder the whole country is going in the dumper.
2. Sorry to hear you have been sick. GI (no pun intended) bugs are the worst! I hope you are feeling better. I like the "weening the Army off me." A high colonic would work faster to flush those bastards out of you for! Have you ever heard that expression.."high, hot and a hell of a lot!" Doctors used to prescribe those all the time in the old days.
3. Your already an "Expert" in my book.
4. On Texas Hold 'Em.
Balls on the table = bad etiquette. "ALL IN" is a motherf*cker when you lose, but, ain't it great when you win!
5. Rockets pounding the FOB - sorry I thought that was funny.
6. WARNING: Lecture coming...get your butt on that computer and get caught up on your classes. STOP going to bed at 7PM, all good students stay up to the wee hours doing their homework, don't cha know!
7. Grunt's eye view of the entire that sounds like a book. Chapter One..."Hi Ho Silver." I was reading your post about the spider...lots of metaphors for your enlistment there, scary actually.
P.S. - You are not the spider!!!!
God(s) bless you Ryan. You are ever in my thoughts and prayers. Please continue to take life by the horns and kick the sh*t out of it!!!

Anonymous said...

Pleased to see your taste in music is picking up. You could go to the Source, play some Iggy Pop!!!
You are giving us a grunt's eye-view, you just happen to be lying on the floor. Cheers!

themorethingschange... said...

"...Fierce debates on the tube that for some reason I just can't bring myself to take an interest in..."

Man! You're not alone there. Could they BE much less inspiring? Well, yeah, I suppose they could but sheesh!

Sorry about your cosmic ailment. Guess we all get our turn under that tent. I seem to have the same ole dream each time - always about the "bee kingdom" I came upon while hiking somewhere in the desert. Good job they weren't Africanized or I'd have been in a world of hurt since I was alone in the middle of nowhere! As it was they scared me enough to pop up when I have a fever ;(

Gosh, had to laugh when you talked about scheduling meetings etc to duck out of the daily drag .. Towards the end of my working life I did that to get out of meetings.
They often seemed to me to be longer and more frequent than necessary. Yack, yack, yack....
Get in, get to it, and get out!

Hope you're exaggerating about going to bed at 7pm - perhaps that's when you should be doing your online courses... Only remember what one of them was and remember thinking it was a slam dunk whatever it was. But still...

Granny moment coming here: take your vitamins! First of all you don't get enough sun there and second of all you're probably not eating what we call a balanced diet. Just sayin'...


Anonymous said...

Whoops i do see some iggy. My bad!

Jean said...

Sorry you've been under the weather, but it's good to hear you are getting back to reporting on life.

Now...go study!

Anonymous said...

Silly boy, time is gonna drag on a million times slower if you spend all your time trying to find ways to make it go faster. That whole "watching the pot" thing.
And sorry your always getting sick. Geez, your like a freakin' kindergartener.

Oh, and,
Dear ~P~:

Unfortunately he's not exaggerating. His sleep patterns are a bit on the geriatric side.