Friday, September 5, 2008

Short Timers

Yesterday, I was struck with childlike glee, full-on and without warning. Whatever the opposite of getting kicked in the balls is, that's what it was. It was a nonkick in the nonballs, one might say.

What is it, you ask? Short Timers.


themorethingschange... said...

Cool idea!


BigD said...

Hi Suspect,
Childlike glee sounds like fun! I could use some of that right now. :)
Counting backwards can be therapeutic and downright exciting.
While your waiting to burst through to the other side, enjoy the unexpected glimmers of happiness that come your way. God(s) bless you Ryan and as sung by the Fifth Dimension..."let the sun shine!"

Anonymous said...

Dear Boy. I want one of those t-shirts that SHORT!!! Not for the same reason you would want one, but still. I like it.

I hope it turns out the way you want, and I'll see you in an hour =)

(or, actually, by the time you'll read this, I will have already seen you so: "Hey, thanks for showing up =)")


Anonymous said...

I meant "t shirts that *say*", but I'm sure you figured that out.

Anonymous said...

Entrepeneurial spirit on display @ Shorttimers Ltd!

soldier fun said...

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Be happy.

2SBCT Mom said...

OK, I'm confused. I was making my nominations on the site and to my shock, I didn't see you there. After clicking on some I wasn't familiar with, I realized "The Unlikely Soldier" was you. There are probably a lot of people like me, who think of you as "The Usual Suspect". I have your blog saved on favorites as The Usual Suspect, so the variation in names wasn't noticed. Anyway, you now have my nomination...along with my other favorites. I think the site should reference your original name on the list so people will know who you are.