Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Off Season

Morning. Back on post.

My generic-looking Nikes are pounding pavement. Forehead covered in a sheen of sweat. Out of breath, plodding forward, muscles still sore from the previous day.

I have a bit of a gut from all the beer I've been drinking since being back. This is the most I've ever weighed, but at least its not the fattest I've been.

I keep running, around the airfield, feeling the need to get back in shape. Running. Swimming. Lots of cardio. Take my lazy ass to the gym, put on a little more weight.

I picture cases upon cases of Budweiser, laid to waste at my hands. Irish Car Bombs and tequila shots happily downed without a second thought. Gallons of Gatorade chasing hangovers like lethargic and disinterested guard dogs.

Vacation's over. Getting everything back in order now, making it all Army Strong-like. Trimming the fat off the vets. You know us, you can see us in movies like Stop-Loss. Digging foxholes in our underwear. Because we dug lots of foxholes in Iraq...


Funny you bring up Iraq though. It's almost as if...

I was never even there.


Anonymous said...

You make me proud.

Anonymous said...


You're amazing.

And I agree with your mom.

BigD said...

Hi Suspect,
Thank you, merci and muchas gracias Senor Ryan. You are so damn funny.
I guess since you drank all those high calorie alcoholic beverages you should have to run it off. Make sure you get squared away and all "Army Strong-like"...exercise is good for you. But, I'm not sure if digging foxholes in your underwear counts. Is that what they did in Stop Loss? Idiots!
Take good care of you and don't forget to STRETCH after all that running! Give yourself time, it has only been two months! God(s) bless you Ryan.

Anonymous said...

I'm happy you're back in the blogosphere. Even happier to see Social D in the playlist. Somewhere out there, CB is smiling. Well, probably not smiling, but proud.

membrain said...

Oh Suspect. It's so good to have you back and writing with your head on straight. And Budweiser! My favorite beer.

It's like making love in a canoe; Fucking near water. (Why let taste interfere with a serious night's drinking?)

Interesting thing about Stop-Loss and Redacted et al: they all bombed. Americans might be tired of Iraq (where you never ever were) but they won't pay hard earned cash to see movies that slam their Soldiers.

Run, run, run Suspect. Run right on to Civvie Street.

Anonymous said...



red said...

Funny how that beer gut is a whole lot easier to put on than get rid of...

themorethingschange... said...

"Because we dug lots of foxholes in Iraq..."

You crack me up!


Anonymous said...

I just have to point out that the most you've ever weighed is apparently the weight most people long to be, and thats just unfair.

Also, if you could throw me a bone and just ONCE let me find you outside digging those damned foxholes, it would be much appreciated. No PTSD need be involved.