Wednesday, June 18, 2008


It's time for one.

Lots of shrugging of the shoulders and grunts of indifference, playing along, going with the grind because the alternative just isn't worth the heartache and punishment. Cog in the system kinda thing. I got a whole lotta nothing to say. Same story over and over again: we're back, it's strange, it's pretty easy, it's odd and weird, some things are annoying as hell, but all in all, it can all fuck right off, because we're home and we aren't armed and clad in ridiculous equipment. The neighborhoods are civilized and now we are too. Honest.

Started the process of signing up for college classes, for this last year. Keep me busy. Gives me goals that I actually give a shit about. Gonna learn sum'n.

I'm gonna be just like you.


Gertrude said...

Good luck with that. The college thing I mean. You don't want to be just like every one else and you're right it can all fuck right the hell off.

membrain said...

Trust me on this one you don't wanna be just like ME!

But I do wish you all the very best the world has to offer.

I like the new look and name of the site too.

I never got around to mentioning that if you took those pictures on the Purgatorium they're very good.
Of course they're very good if someone else took 'em;-)

Enjoy your hiatus Short-Timer. You sure earned it!

Jean said...

Enjoy the breather.

BigD said...

Hi Suspect,
I am glad to hear that you will be goin' to colluge and larnin sumpin'! I are really proud of you. You even know sum big wards alrettie like, "hiatus". What do that ward mean? I wood look it up in the dixshunary, but, I threw mine out. If you need any help with yer homewerk, I kin help you. I bet when you git back in skool, you will rite sum more funny storeez.
Don't fergit not to say no curse werds in front a tha techrs.

David M said...

The Thunder Run has linked to this post in the blog post From the Front: 06/19/2008 News and Personal dispatches from the front lines.

Lynda said...

I'm really glad you're taking advantage of the Army's willingness to pay for your school. You need to get something back for what you've been through. Enjoy your college days and give your instructors hell. They need it. :)

GI Kate said...

you'll never be like them.

Anonymous said...

no music. omg. he's serious.

Anonymous said...

So, tell me, what did you expect? By now, you must realize you were sent out on a shit load of lies and fabrications. Do you expect assholes like that to possess even a shred of decency? Sorry, kid, they don't. So, no, don't expect a thank you note form Dick Cheney.

Previously, you said, "Deny it all you want, but its the truth. The second day we were back, we went right back to not meaning shit to anyone except our mothers." Which, of course, implies that you actually have mothers that give a shit. But, correctly, accepts that nobody else does. Hey, they're shopping, they're doing their duty. Leave them alone.

Welcome to it, bitch. No, they don't care. Accept it. Deal. Move on. It'll save time and heartache if you do. Oh, you'll always be pissed that a bunch of totally ungrateful fuckers put your ass, not theirs, on the line. That they profited while you suffered. And then threatened you when you objected to being treated like shit.

I mean, sure, "Thank you for your service." hugs and kisses, warm fuzzies and that shit. But you can feel it's not really there. You're dangerous now. For the rest of your life, you're potentially lethal. And, of all the stupid shit these assholes can come up with, a bunch of pogue MPs are going to threaten you with . . . what? Haji's tougher than any pogue. You got through that, didn't you?

Didja ever wonder why the 'Nam vets kept an autoloader around? Why every now and then they just go bust loose on bottles and cans? Same shit.

OK, it sucks. Man up. Deal. Get that education. Wring every cent of benefits out of the government you can. Nobody's coming around handing this shit out. You have to go get it.

Oh, yeah, good luck.

kbug said...

Alot of us out here do care...maybe it's mostly those of us who have a connection with someone who is or has served, but we do care. Hang in there...